Repair an Addis Mop

This guide explains how to repair your Addis Superdry Mop. This is a good, efficient mop, but its main design flaw is the fact that the metal tube handle rusts away after several years, then the handle breaks off.

Most users simply buy a new mop, but it isn’t difficult, if you’re a DIY kind of person, to refurbish the mop. Basically, you reduce the length of the handle by about 5 cm. The adjacent picture shows the old mop after removing the rusty end from the sponge holder. The rusty end has been sawn off the tube handle with a junior hacksaw. To remove the bit of rusty tube still left in the hole in the sponge holder, carefully prise it out with a screwdriver. This may take 10 minutes or so, as the rust holds it firmly in place.

Originally, the tube was held in the sponge holder with a pop rivet. (Remove the old one by drilling off the rivet head.) A second pop rivet secured the lever assembly to the tube. I also used pop rivets to repair it, but if you don’t have access to a pop rivet gun you can use either self-tapping screws into the tube, or you can drill right through the tube and use small bolts and nuts to retain the parts.

The pictures below show the refurbished mop. When it rusts away the next time, you might have to extend the length of the tube handle a bit, depending how tall you are. Or simply buy a suitable length of tubing from a DIY store. A broom handle would probably work as well. I also added a fillet from a hot glue gun around the join between the tube and the sponge holder just to stop it from rusting up again.

There! You’ve saved yourself 7.99! Using this procedure you may make an Addis mop last 20 years or more.

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