Second Test Program

The second program is more complex as it makes use of Boolean logic to isolate certain bits in the single byte received in downbyte.

First I’ll show the Stamp 2 program, and then the VB6 program.

NB: The same MSComm property settings are used in this program as well.

In this case the VB6 program sends a single byte in which bits 0, 1, 2 denote the address of the LED to switch on or off, and bit 3 denotes whether to switch it on or off.

That is, I am now using only 4 bits of the download byte to achieve the same effect as in the first program. I still have 4 bits spare to do other things should I so wish.

The Stamp 2 program receives the byte, then uses Boolean AND (written & in Stamp World) to isolate the bits and react to them.

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