VB6 to Basic Stamp 2

This project explains how to achieve a rudimentary interface between a Parallax Basic Stamp* 2 and a Visual Basic 6 program, using a standard RS-232 cable connected to a COM port on your PC.

I was going to incorporate this hardware and software in the Know The Notes project, but experience has shown that the LED approach is not satisfactory for learning one’s way around an actual piano keyboard, as one is constantly gazing at the strip of LEDs to see which ones are lighted.

Nevertheless, as an exercise in connecting a Stamp 2 to your PC and driving it from Visual Basic 6, this project is still a useful experiment.

The following pages — Introduction, First Test Program, Second Test Program, and The Application — take you through the project step by step.

* BASIC Stamp is a registered trademark of Parallax, Inc.

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